25 different types of doms in bdsm

Exploring the BDSM realm uncovers a spectrum of dominant types, each with a unique approach to power exchange, pleasure, and pain. Here, we delve into an extensive guide covering 25 distinct dom types, illustrating their unique profiles and sharing practical examples for each type.

caring dominant

1. Caring Dom

Caring doms emphasize emotional connection, trust, and open communication. They nurture their subs, ensuring their well-being at all times.

Examples & Ideas for Caring Doms:

  • Establishing emotional bonds before engaging in scenes
  • Regular check-ins on sub's emotional and physical well-being
  • Encouraging sub's growth and self-discovery
  • Using praise as a tool for reinforcing desired behavior

2. Master/Mistress

Masters or Mistresses maintain total control and demand absolute submission. The Master/slave relationship often involves total power exchange (TPE)

Examples & Ideas Masters:

  • Dictating daily routines and rules
  • Assigning tasks and chores
  • Punishing disobedience and rewarding good behavior
  • Imposing specific dress codes or behaviors
  • Directing subs in sexual activities

3. Brat Tamer

Brat Tamers are adept at handling subs who enjoy being rebellious (brats). They enjoy the challenge of 'taming' their subs and enforcing discipline.

Examples & Ideas for Brat Tamers:

  • Employing punishment as necessary
  • Engaging in power struggles as part of play
  • Using psychological tactics to maintain control
  • Training brats through consistent responses
Rope Dom / Rigger

4. Rope Top/Rigger

Riggers take pleasure in tying their subs in intricate patterns using rope. They specialize in the art of bondage.

Examples & Ideas Riggers:

  • Mastering various bondage knots and techniques
  • Safely suspending subs using rope
  • Combining rope play with other forms of BDSM play
  • Conducting regular safety checks during bondage scenes
  • Incorporating aesthetic elements into rope play
Financial Dom

5. Financial Dominant (Findom)

Findoms exert control over their subs' financial decisions, deriving pleasure from the power it brings.

Examples & Ideas for Findoms:

  • Controlling a sub's spending habits
  • Making subs earn their spending allowances
  • Demanding tributes or gifts
  • Implementing financial punishments
  • Setting up budgets or financial goals for subs
woman waiting for Service top

6. Service Top

Service Tops focus on fulfilling their subs' fantasies or kinks, often taking a more accommodating approach to dominance.

Examples & Ideas for Service Tops:

  • Engaging in role-play scenarios
  • Facilitating subs' fantasies
  • Teaching subs about their own desires
  • Focusing on mutual pleasure during play
  • Incorporating subs' feedback into scenes
masculine man starring at you

7. Owner

Owners view their subs as their property. They demand total control and obedience, similar to a Master/Mistress

Examples & Ideas:

  • Establishing total ownership over subs
  • Marking subs as their property (e.g., collars)
  • Setting extensive rules and expectations
  • Enforcing obedience through punishment and reward
  • Monitoring subs' activities and decisions
Domme sitting on black couch

8. Domme

Dommes are dominant women who take control over their subs, exerting their authority through various methods.

Examples & Ideas for Doms:

  • Leading scenes and setting the tone of the relationship
  • Controlling subs' behavior through commands
  • Assigning tasks and penalties
  • Role-playing scenarios where they hold power
  • Employing various BDSM techniques (e.g., impact play, sensory deprivation)
dom sitting on chair

9. Primal Dom

Primal Doms tap into their basic, animalistic instincts during play. Their dominance arises from their strength and prowess.

Examples & Ideas for Primal Doms:

  • Engaging in rough, animalistic play
  • Incorporating biting, scratching, or wrestling into scenes
  • Chasing or hunting subs as part of play
  • Using raw strength to establish dominance
  • Tapping into non-verbal communication cues
man holding woman

10. White Knight Dominant

White Knight dominants perceive themselves as protectors or rescuers of their subs. They provide guidance, support, and protection.

Examples & Ideas for White Knight Doms:

  • Providing emotional support and nurturing
  • Stepping in to help subs during times of distress
  • Guiding subs towards personal growth
  • Defending subs in social situations
  • Promoting trust and safety within the relationship